Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Point Perspective and Value

1) first glance at the pic and i noticed that my dorm hallway was kinda dark at night ... but the brightly colored circles on the wall make it a happy hallway ... cough cough ... definitely makes it different ... with me sitting at the doorway looking down the hall i noticed that the hallway looks almost endless.

2) standing at the entrance there is a long white hallway with different colored dots and every other light is turned off.

3) straight horizontal and vertical lines ... bright and bold colors on the wall and door jams ... dark shadows further down the hall

4) if the walls could talk they would tell you a story of the ages ... how peoples attitudes have changed, the change of clothes, hair and music ... if the walls could talk they would tell you secrets that people keep from others in the world ... what people expect to do with their lives and how they manage to succeed in life ... if only the walls could talk.

5) Edward Ruscha’s drawings and mine have a similar perspective, some of his are in one point and others two and three ... my picture is a straight shot of a dormitory hall way while his is of several angles ... my picture almost seems boring while his looks as though it is jumping off the page ... or a hole that will suck you into it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

blog 4 - Expression and Value

1) my eyes follow an invisible line from the middle right (where the building is ) down the picture then up to the upper left hand side. what grabs my attention is the blending of color in the sky that flows into to the far off trees in the back.
2) in the fore ground there are a few spraggly looking tree tops that are barren from the winters cold. to the right there is apartment housing for students. in the distance there is a faded tree line and a rising sun.
3) there are a lot of mass composition. the trees bring in the dark masses and sparatic lines .... the snow is a lightened shadows ... its quite a spectical for 7.30 am .
4) the barren ground is covered in a gentle haze of snow. the trees are dormant as spring is silently creeping near. a warm glow shimmers softly as the lights of a near by window beam while the world wakens. a gentle light appears as the morning sun glides across the sky.
5) Edgar Dega's drawings are of people in movement and expression. my picture is of expression because it is right before the campus world is fully functional ... it is still waking up to meet the cold morning.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Blog 3 - Chiaroscuro in black and white

1) I don't like black and white ... its to bland. But then again there is beautiful contrast between the lights and dark's and in the shadowing. The first thing i notice is the remote control ... it is half cast in shadow and light ... almost equally. The Picture makes me follow the contrasting shadows in a zig-zagish form.

2) There is a white circular bottle that is mostly white with some of the label showing ... a white cube with a character drawn on it ... a solid black rectangle with some reflected light and another solid black shape.

3) The composition has many straight lines and curves ... the composition it almost half light and half dark and the objects fill the entire composition.

4) The composition almost tells a story ... everything in the composition is a modern technological advancement ... there is a ps2 wireless controller, a cell phone, a digital alarm clock, a TV remote control, and saline solution bottle. Every item tells a story of how man has grown and developed through out time.

5) My photo compares to Albrecht Durer’s drawings in the fact that it is the light and dark shadows of things people and objects .

Friday, January 30, 2009

Blog Two - Contour Drawings

1.) Who ever did this design must have been bored ... i wonder what brought this thought on? i like the semi-X shape and circle combo, which in turn makes a 4 point cross shape ... it affects me in capturing my attention by making me look for the different shapes and textures.

2.) a row of concrete bricks, with the center hollowed out it an x shape and the outer line has a half-circle shape conforming to the x shape. 4 bricks in a box shape forms a cross.

3.) cool beige squares of cold concrete, a Gothic looking x shape in the middle ... 4 squares put together forms a circular edged cross shape. it has a hanging in space kinda feel but a strong foundation ... a dividing line.

4.) the designs were probably made to tell a story of beauty, decoration and art. (Elegant)

5.) Honore Daumier’s drawings and my photo are similar because they both are 3D in design and represent life in a manner .

Friday, January 23, 2009

blog One

1. My initial reaction to the photo was Wow!! now that's cool. long ass boat ride to get here but in the long run was totally worth it. when i took the picture i noticed the light house but then when i got to looking at the picture it was the clouds ... the clouds are what i think stands out the most ... followed closely by the light house itself ... the light house affects me because it has a lot of fond memories ... that are precious.

2. in the front are navy blue waves, beige sandy beach, tall forest green trees, a little white house in the distance to the left and a tall black and white diamond lighthouse in the middle

3. the right side feels slightly heavier then the left due to the trees feeling closer and that there are more of them on the right then on the left .. the lighthouse is in the exact middle, the sky and the water are perpendicular to one another and the sky covers most of the page.

4. slowly coasting along the still waters towards a tall black and white tower in the distance, with the sun high in the sky warming our faces and bouncing off the white sandy shores. moving closer to the opposite beach you begin to notice that the far off tower is a beacon of hope or a warning to the distant sailors. the black and white tower is black and white diamond lighthouse known as Cape Lookout ... the only black and white diamond pattern lighthouse on the east coast. (blue)

5. my photo and Kathe Kollwitz have 1 thing in common ... they both represent life. Kathe drew sketches of people and my photo is for people ... cape lookout was built for sailors ... to protect them from hitting the coral reef. Kathe's sketches are for the people as well ... for entertainment.